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Jetzt habe ich es wieder getan und habe ein Rezept für Spundekäs versprochen und um meinen Ruf zu retten, liefere ich diesmal auch zeitnah.

If a fish is hurt and desires to heal, use netting to produce a cordoned part in the tank, after which let the injured fish Stay there for 1 to 2 weeks right up until it is healthier. If a fish is Unwell, you can get medication for them from the store.[11] Normally check that your tank’s filter is operating effectively and that each one the products is in excellent Performing buy. Occasionally Ill fish can improve following a water adjust or compact tank adjustment.

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As long as your fish are obtaining no less than 8 several hours of light everyday, that needs to be adequate. Even though fish caught inside the wild are utilized to transforming seasons, you don’t need to have to worry about proscribing their daylight during the winter and spring months.

Regarding the cichlids, you can consider it! Many folks have successfully had these 2 types of fishes together. Keep watch over their behavior and Deutsche Edelfische remove one of them to a different tank should they get also aggressive.

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